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Turkey Distributor of Morsø Stoves and Handy Heat Electrical Underfloor Heating

As Olesen company, we offer comfortable, secure and cost effective heating solutions with Scandinavian heating systems. We are the exclusive distributor of the cast iron stoves produced by Morsø Jernstøberi A/S, Denmark in Turkey. Morsø has been producing cast iron stoves for more than 160 years and since its foundation has been a leader in quality, design and innovation in the world. Further, Olesen is a distributor of electrical underfloor heating systems produced by Dansk Varmekabel with "Handy Heat" brand name.

Forno Terra Set

Morsø 7440

Forno Garden set


Morsø 5448

Grill Forno

Morsø 5660

Grill Cocotte

Morsø 6170

Grill 71