Morsø introduces a new cast iron humidifier featuring stainless steel and rubber. Called Simplica, the name of the humidifier is derived from the simple and modern idiom that relates to many of the classic Morsø products.

The kettle is made of cast iron that has been the basis of Morsø’s production since the establishment of the foundry in 1853. The glossy stainless steel handle contrasts to the black enameled cast iron and the grip made of solid rubber makes it safe and comfortable when moving the humidifier under all conditions. Its tight round shape is reminiscent of the cast iron pots that for many years were a part of Morsø’s product range and the flat top and lid is a tribute to the old Morsø cast iron cookers.

Simplica is not only decorative. It will also benefit the indoor environment. The pleasant heat from a wood burning stove may cause unwelcome dry air in the room. Placing the water filled humidifier on top of a burning wood stove will lift humidity of the atmosphere to a pleasant level as the water gently evaporates.

Content: 1,5 l